This festival and exhibition centers around the idea of “expression” in it’s purest form. To let everything out and feel everything in the most primal way possible. Yell out AAAAAAAAH!!! and truly be in the moment.

Museum Design

The Museum of the Collective Individual explores ideas of self and society, from the smallest DNA strand to large-scale societal shifts. The museum’s focus is on the individual within a whole, exploring the macro vs micro, the anthropology of technology, and our relationship with it.

Exhibition Brochures

Museum Identity
This modular system was created to evoke the feeling of the singular within a larger whole, how an individual fits into a group, and how they change and influence each other. The form is constantly morphing to fit the container, and never holds the space in the same way, while still feeling like a cohesive whole.

Exhibition Campaign
The Who Are You? The Nature of DNA exhibition uses visitor submitted data to create a show based on the viewers DNA. Visitors can explore the larger group as a whole, while learning about themselves and where they fit, comparing micro and macro views of society and the way they interact and overlap.


NYCxDesign is a design festival that takes place all across the city of New York. As the event encompasses many different types of design, from typography to lighting, the identity had to be flexible enough to reflect a range of disciplines, but also create a cohesive event.


A typographic illustration depicting the way in which the article describes the word “almost”.